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Sense8: A Christmas Special
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Original Title: Sense8 A Christmas Special
Also Know As:
Release: 2016-12-23
Runtime: 124 min.
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller
Country: United States of America, Malta, Kenya, South Korea, Germany, Mexico, Italy
Subtitle: English, French, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Suomi, Irish, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, German, Dutch, Afrikaans, Hindustani, Bengali, Swahili, Persian, Turkish, Italian, Japanese, Filipino, Tiếng Việt, Melayu, Indonesia
Stars: Bae Doona, Jamie Clayton, Tina Desai, Tuppence Middleton, Toby Onwumere, Max Riemelt
Plot: The journey continues as these eight singular hearts and minds weave in and out of each other's lives finding deeper connections, learning darker secrets about one another and struggling to identify with more than just oneself.
Sun Bak

Characters : Sun Bak

Actor : Bae Doona

Nomi Marks

Characters : Nomi Marks

Actor : Jamie Clayton

Kala Dandekar

Characters : Kala Dandekar

Actor : Tina Desai

Riley Blue

Characters : Riley Blue

Actor : Tuppence Middleton

Capheus Onyango

Characters : Capheus Onyango

Actor : Toby Onwumere

Wolfgang Bogdanow

Characters : Wolfgang Bogdanow

Actor : Max Riemelt

Lito Rodriguez

Characters : Lito Rodriguez

Actor : Miguel Ángel Silvestre

Will Gorski

Characters : Will Gorski

Actor : Brian J. Smith

Hernando de Fuentes

Characters : Hernando de Fuentes

Actor : Alfonso Herrera

Daniela Velazquez

Characters : Daniela Velazquez

Actor : Eréndira Ibarra

Amanita Caplan

Characters : Amanita Caplan

Actor : Freema Agyeman

Jonas Maliki

Characters : Jonas Maliki

Actor : Naveen Andrews


Characters : Whispers

Actor : Terrence Mann

Angelica Turing

Characters : Angelica Turing

Actor : Daryl Hannah

Michael Gorski

Characters : Michael Gorski

Actor : Joe Pantoliano

Felix Bernner

Characters : Felix Bernner

Actor : Max Mauff

Rajan Rasal

Characters : Rajan Rasal

Actor : Purab Kohli


Characters : Jela

Actor : Paul Ogola

Estella Rodriguez

Characters : Estella Rodriguez

Actor : Dolores Heredia

Volker Bohm

Characters : Volker Bohm

Actor : Martin Wuttke

Aunt Elke

Characters : Aunt Elke

Actor : Marina Weis


Characters : Helga

Actor : Romane Portail


Characters : Bug

Actor : Michael X. Sommers

Grace Caplan

Characters : Grace Caplan

Actor : Maximilienne Ewalt

Agent Bendix

Characters : Agent Bendix

Actor : Anthony Cistaro


Characters : Lola

Actor : Mahasin Munir


Characters : Disney

Actor : Dlo Srijaerajah


Characters : Lucerne

Actor : Marga Gomez


Characters : Min-Jung

Actor : Youn Yuh-jung


Characters : Soo-Jin

Actor : Sara Sohn

Joong-Ki Bak

Characters : Joong-Ki Bak

Actor : Lee Ki-chan


Characters : Nam

Actor : Junwoo Han


Characters : Woojin

Actor : Woo Joo Lee


Characters : Lina

Actor : San Sohn

Kang-Dae Bak

Characters : Kang-Dae Bak

Actor : Lee Kyoung-young


Characters : Shiro

Actor : Chichi Seii

Silas Kabaka

Characters : Silas Kabaka

Actor : Peter King Mwania

Amondi Kabaka

Characters : Amondi Kabaka

Actor : Rosa Katanu

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